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When I started this project, I thought I might take more detours into writing about the creative process. As I think back on it now, I realize that most of my comments on process have gotten mixed into thoughts about technology, and that's OK.

Putting Ableton Live aside for a moment, I want to mention my favorite book on being an artist. It's called the War of Art, and is written by Steven Pressfield who is also a great novelist. 

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Even though this book is about writing, it's very useful for producers of electronic music. After all, like writers, we tend to spend long hours alone in front of our computers.

In particular, this book has helped me understand two things that I might not have found the words for on my own. One of them is this: love your craft.

Craft is the reason I study music I enjoy and work to emulate the things I love best in it. Craft is much more than just learning a handful of techniques however. It's having a point of view on the whole creative process: strategies for facing the blank page when you're starting a new project, developing it into something coherent, and knowing how to make final decisions and move through the confounding anxiety that can arise upon completion.

The other important thing this book has helped me understand is that there is magic in consistency. The only reliable way to become a good craftsman, and the best way to ever have a shot at producing great art is repetition. Do it every day. Develop the steely determination and contempt for pain of a marathon runner. You will find things in yourself you never knew were there. 

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